Disneyland Cast Members
Hello there! My name is Danielle and I am one of four hosts on the new Disney discussion podcast, Talk Magic to Me! Seeing as you are a Disney tumblr, it would mean a whole lot if you could repost this for all of your followers to see to spread the word about the podcast! Our most recent episode is all about Saving Mr. Banks! For more info, visit our website @ www(.)talkmagic2me(.)com Thanks for the help and support and have a magical weekend!

Hey everyone, if anyone is interested, check out their podcast!  Enjoy!

I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things. - Walt Disney

The biggest kid there ever was.

He sure is.  :)

He sure is.  :)


Dee’s favorite photos of W a l t e r  E l i a s  D i s n e y

I love seeing picture of Walt.


Pirates of the Caribbean, from when it first opened in 1967. These photos are from Vacationland magazine, via Vintage Disneyland Tickets.


This is for Disneyland Paris but I feel like it convey’s what we all feel before going to Disneyland. This is a commercial aired in England. I love the british accents and the kids dancing on the bed! 

Awesome video!!!  Great point of view through an AP’s eyes.  Thanks for the submission!!!

Disneyland Through Google Glass from JoesDaily

Thanks again Keith for another wonderful video submission.  I love this video…especially the “Andy’s coming” myth.  Luckily, that’s died down…but it still happens at least a few times a day.  Some people have even tried to say it to other non Toy Story characters…seriously?  No.  Anyway, enjoy this video everyone!  

Myths and Secrets on Disneyland!

Looking for a cast member

Hi, I again apologize for the super late response, but I don’t work in WDW and I also wouldn’t feel comfortable giving someones personal information out without their consent…BUT the best I can tell you is to send in a compliment either by mail or email.  You can find the links to the information you need through the disneyland.com website.  Just look for the “Help & Guest Services” link at the very bottom left of the home page.  Hope that helps!  Also, if you’re ever IN the parks, make sure to swing by City Hall any time you want to leave a compliment for a Cast Member!  We always appreciate getting compliments from guests and it goes on our record cards.  

Recently took a trip to DW with the family, a cast member, “Tracie P” in the Magic Kingdom was exceptionally nice to my autistic son. Would like contact information in order to write a special thank you! 

Hey everyone!  Sorry I’ve been gone for so long.  My computer broke about 6 months ago…so I wasn’t really every able to log on.  I’m still computer-less, but luckily I have a laptop on loan.  Anyway, I will be catching up on some unanswered questions, and also posting a few submissions that were sent to me.  I apologize to anyone who feels like I forgot about them and never responded.  Please send me any questions, fun stories, photos, or any other submissions you’d like to see posted.  I hope you are all well!